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    Alan Watt puts in simple terms what is otherwise pretty complicated, one of the most soothing voices out there he breaks down current events and societal processes into laymans terms. Alan's views are particularly challenging if you hold yourself to being a patriot or a relgious sect and he will tear your narrow minded view to shreds, metaphorically. If you are open minded and want to know the truth of the way of the world, give Alan a listen. You can find him on podbean and various other locations where people share his older content, particularly on bitchute.

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    Joel and Pat are a rarity, two lifelong friends who share the same sentiment in life who strive to provide an outlet absent of the fear and mind-numbing toxic rhetoric of the alternative media sphere. (Almost) daily morning chats that are a refreshing break from the usual, and often bring on guests who challenge their views or have particular takes on what is going on that are on the periphery. Joel and Pat are solutions focused and anarchist in nature and are as authentic as it gets.

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    From his rural Maine setting where he has placed himself as outside of his authored 'Beast System' as possible, Tom gives us an insight into world history, politics and current events from a Christian perspective. Tom has written many books and shares that knowledge openly through his sometimes banned Youtube channel in the hope of reaching the hearts and minds of the sleeping. He is authentic and to the heart and his wife is often a feature on his podcasts which makes it all the more interesting. His intellect really shines through in his writings. Each Sunday he orates a Sermon if the Bible is your thing.

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