Ode to the Midwit Magatard

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Dear Mitwit Magatard

I am writing to you from the future, the date is 1/1/2090, I have spent the night hunkered down in my recycled iron shed whilst I spent the night listening to what is only comparable to the film ‘The Purge’. Gone is your functioning system of transport, governance, roads, supply chain, finance, global trade, vacations, work from home, restaurants, shopping centres, cell networks, electricity grid, social cohesion, abortion, contraceptives, health care…

I know you spend much of your time consuming Facebook & Instagram posts on issues that are anti-trans, anti-green, anti-any small irrelevant issue. What it appears that you never understood is that you were always just anti-progressive-activity-of-the-moment before your own ‘centre-right’ party implemented that of which you were complaining, so you soon forgot, and merged onto the next anti-moment issue. I know this information because I have one of the last remaining working desktop computers I was able to salvage from the 2060s circular economy recyclathon. In order to secure it I had to pretend to prove that it did not work, and give an application form for what I intended to do with the “recycled materials”. It wasn’t long after that law enforcement in my state became so corrupt, like you experience in turd world countries of your time, so it was easy to hide the computer in my rural location.

The electricity grid is no longer a thing, with many dilapidated green energy facilities long abandoned as the IQ dropped after over a century now of culture subversion by the elites. No one knows how to operate the complex nature of the green energy grid, and mostly no one even cares. Turd worlders have reverted to their cultural homeland style of living and engage in guerilla (or gorilla) tactics to steal food and leach water from the remaining Whites who have commandeered any facility with a fence or gate, many of which were implemented during the Climate Crisis of 2040 to minimise travel between localities. I, unfortunately am not able to get to one of these refuges as there is a large turd world slum settlement between me and the Whites where I would be stabbed and killed, as have many others who have tried.

There is a form of government in place, however it is very corrupt and ineffective. From what I hear the Whites tend to operate without a system of government and can organise themselves. Government remnant of your time exists in the slums, or the former sustainable neighbourhoods mostly implemented on reclaimed farmland between the beginning of the millennium and 2050. This practiced stopped long ago as importing cheap foreign labour to replace the White population led to very shoddy workmanship, and a subsequent parliamentary inquiry found that many of the large builders did not meet the building standards and went bankrupt under pressure from class actions. Housing and building never recovered as there just weren’t enough of high IQ to rebuild the industry.

I remember back in about 2055 and hearing the news that Whites had now become second place minority among all races. Making up just 13%, with Indians having the largest racial population in the country at 14%. Whites had long ceded parliamentary power to the Indigenous, as well as giving away their position to a minority in the Great Shake Up Draft in 2042, where all remaining White MPs gave up their seat to a minority of their choice with the promise of a lifetime pension for doing so. Needless to say within 10 years this was revoked and streamed into a reparations package for minorities who had experienced racial hatred growing up in the 1990s-2020s.

Now, in 2090, there isn’t much immigration, long distance travel is only for the top-tier of CBDC point scoring do-gooders, think of it like a competition for how many extra-cirricular activities you could take on during education during your time. You get extra CBDC credits for things like if your restaurant business (now more like a soup kitchen from a food van powered by a 75 year old rusty solar panel) provides a differently priced menu for minorities based on the Racial Equity Act passed about 40 years ago, mandating businesses to provide different menus for different classes of wealth-oppressed status groups. You have to apply for these, so many people lower their personal situation to the “worst” position possible in order to get free stuff. It’s like modern couponing. So if a Somalian gets free government transgender surgery and becomes transabled, deaf, blind in one eye and a leg missing, and self-diagnoses for 3 mental illnesses using the “DiagnoseMe” government health app, they/it/was/were, can get heavily discounted meals. Not that this works anymore anyway, as the cell network is so unreliable, it’s basically back to a barter system, mostly sex, any age. Love is love I believe it was called in your time. So all the Somalians effort was for nothing.

I sit back and listen to the dust blow across the barren plains that used to be agricultural land in your time, purchased by Blackrock circa 2035-2040, the corporation long defunct, the land now sits as an uninhabitable reservation thanks to sustainability principles of your time. Of course they are meaningless now with next to no competent governance, but who has the means to get a farm going, there’s no currency, no cash, no trade. The only manufacturing left is for fake food, which tastes disgusting. The bugs ran out long ago, now they basically just take anything green and put it through the machine mixed with whatever remaining chemicals they can find. The mines are run by a mafia, human trafficking if rife. I don’t know too much about that, too scary for me out here on my own to get involved or even try to find out. I live on veggies grown from seeds I bought up about 30 years ago . Every now and again some form of wildlife will enter my trap and I get a bonus of meat for a day or two.

My message to you is don’t sit back and let it happen. Don’t let immigration continue unfettered just because the country you made is nice and it’s virtuous to welcome others to plunder it. They may say when they arrive that they’re happy to be there and wave your flag and whatever, but the fact is once you become a minority in your own land it all goes to shit. I was born in 2034 and managed to survive all the cultural programming thanks to a very rare based Father and Mother and I live now only to tell you this tale of despair. Don’t let racially homogeneous countries such as China and ethnically homogeneous money & power loving Jews subvert you and your culture by emotionally manipulating your uniquely White virtues of tolerance, politeness, peace and humaneness. These other cultures are not like you. Yes, they will certainly try to be one of you, be your friend, when they are a minority, but ingroup preference always wins, especially with the lower IQ races. There will be exceptions to the rule, and that might seem fine at the time, but a time will come when you or your children become an alien in their homeland. It is unfortunate that I have discovered that most will only realise this as it happens. Do not live in fear of being mean, racist or a bigot. I leave it up to you now, to realise this before it happens, and in the words of your esteemed Orwell, DON’T LET IT HAPPEN, IT DEPENDS ON YOU”.


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