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Avoiding Historically-Proven Demise

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It's time for a pause on Democracy. A scary proposition no doubt, especially for the normie pilled out there, believing in Democracy as a religion and their right to vote as affecting change. What these people don't know is that all change is pre-programmed, all us vs them topics are pre-determined, Bernays-propaganda-ed into the minds of the citizens through ever improving behavioural conditioning methods. Democracy has evolved, not due to the progressive chants of we the people, but like a pathogen attached to a weak organism, being devoured at exponentially increasing speed. Most reading this will already have some idea of their own on what that pathogen is. What we can all agree on despite what your opinion of the pathogen is, is that this pathogen is foreign, inorganic, and does not belong here.

We now have all the information we could ask for at our fingertips, you could probably spend a year watching non-stop information on the collapse of civilisations past if you wanted to. The slight runny nose and headache fauxdemic unintentionally has raised the awares of many a sleeping giant of dissident energy. This is absolutely fantastic. This gives us an opportunity to prevent the fall as all past democracies have resulted in. Although I myself don't particularly believe that democracy ever leads anywhere good, we know enough to know it starts well-intentioned. It just unfortunately always seems to breed a class of political careerist elites, and in our times most profoundly, corporate-capitalist hijacking. And who is behind that, makes the predicament even more complicated.

The fall of an empire/democracy can be evidenced by consistent finiancial troubles brewing, populist political movements gaining traction with over the top (and usually poor) leaders and voting/opinion/sides polarisation. Every book or article I go to read tends to cite 2016/Trump as the example of this. I roll my eyes to any suggestion of this as evidence of exactly what I am talking about here. You could only be pro-Trump or anti-Trump, both had/still have communist/unilateral/polarized sentiments. So when I see a book about the end of Democracy and they cite only Trump in the introduction, I have to pass on that book, as I can predict its contents. UN/Sustainabiltity/Utopia one opinion only LGBT trans rights sodomite-on-a-bike riding virtue signalling no hate multicultural harmonious vegan global warming box-in-the-sky-living CBDC carbon footprint calculating soy-ciety is what is best for humanity, orange man bad. No apologies here, I am done with apologising for "unacceptable" views, both of these options are rubbish and lead us no where good.

Anyone with a brain that I speak to in relation to the current world predicament mentions the question "where are the strong leaders?" This is a strong symptom of the disease. Sticking with the status quo of voting the clown show out every 3 or 4 years is akin to getting a vaccine for a runny nose. No one knew the runny nose was a symptom of the poor health and stress put on their body through more than a decade of ever-increasing financial pressure (think 2008 - my opinion we are in a long economic depression), ever-increasing degradation of food quality via over and mono-agricultural practices, ever-increasing poor food choices due to longer working hours, and I'm sure you could easily finish off this list now I've got you going. No vaccine is going to stop these conditions from creating a poor environment, the only solution is to change the method.

The current major threat for empire change is indeed BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China etc), our weak leaders such as Joke Biden, Boris Johnson and the ilk put more pressure on our own countries and cede power to countries with autocratic leadership (despite who you may believe controls these autocrats). These countries are seeing this weakness manifest more intensely now post-fauxdemic and you can see many deals starting to form between these countries, and more than ever before, ignoring leaders like Biden. You can certainly argue Trump has far better international relations but at the same time he is still unfortunately backed by the pathogenic system mentioned earlier.

What I propose with a pause to democracy is, what you may call, a draft. We need to combine this with a decade of no elections. By draft I mean a sort of jury-duty like system where general citizens are called upon for specified intervals to represent the people in a new way of forming policy. What this should aim to achieve is a breathing period for our current poor trajectory where we can realign our path forward by putting real people back into the coalface of policy making. Randomised calling would not have to be from every single citizen, but those with a passion may be able to elect to be put into a pool to be chosen, but with a regulation that everyone in that pool must at some point be able to participate, and participate in a freely chosen area of choice. Government, corporations and NGO's would not be allowed to lobby or advocate causes during this period as a security measure to ensure ideas remained as organic as possible. This is the basic premise, although with many holes, such as many would bring the us vs them pre-conditioned arguments to the table, although this could dissipate in time. Government would be in caretaker mode during this time. Only after the ten year period could any major reform be enacted, allowing for enough of the pre-conditioned toxic feudal ways to pass over and a nation-centric nation-loving attitude to be adopted.

We can all see that this one-world sustainability copy and paste policy agenda is not leading us to a more harmonious place, green energy when we don't even have the proven technology yet is not going to create a carbon-zero utopia, taxing cow farts is not either, subsidising electric vehicles is just replacing the problem with another problem, housing is out of control, inflation is rife, central banks are doing the same old dumb thing of increasing interest rates which can only benefit them, and I could go on. The people know this, you can tell by social media comments, more and more those who comment on news articles are mainly people calling out the bullshit. This is why I suggest a draft.

The political class have reached a critical point where careerist elites who are indoctrinated into these world think tanks like the World Economic Forum and the you-know-who founded UN. This is not working for the people and will only result in unrest, thus democracy will end as we can extract from the history books and we'll be back to the doldrums of some new form of totalitarian control. The problem is people, especially older, dismiss this as a crazy suggestion. Their idea of a totalitarian society is only Hitler, thanks to the success of the History Channel and you-know-who backed documentary funding. We don't hear of the bolshevik takeover of Russia, the genocide of the Russian people, nor do we hear of the mafia-like hijacking of the current Ukraine "democracy". Most people have no idea of the facade constructed around them, and when that becomes weak, that ecosystem generally degrades and reacts with over-governance as a sort of doubling down on its own weakness, or even worse, a deliberate tyranny. It's only natural.

Now I strongly doubt this will happen because no one likes change, and they would see a period without elections as a threat to safety and security, in fact I observe that most people are pretty much done with it all anyway, happy to eat the pizza and be fat, happy to smoke weed and call it a day, happy to go with the ever-degrading flow. The only problem is, this decadent period is only, say, a 'phase' of decline. I have no clue as to the length of this decadent phase, it seems likely that those currently in charge are attempting to keep the population comatosed with this kind of behaviour for as long as possible, it may last the entire rest of our lifetimes. But pizza and Netflix will not last forever.

Children are already being born into poorer health with the increase in dysgenics apparent with autism rates, childhood obesity and what seems to be from observation, a strong and sharp deterioration in physiognomy. Almost daily you hear couples talking of their child's or partners' "medical condition". This is my belief of what the fauxdemic was, a culmination/manifestation of poor health through some kind of telepathy or mimicry we do not yet understand, a collective sigh of relief where it was finally socially acceptable to get sick, so many people's body just let go and got sick. The same bodily response as when you have a stressful job then get sick when you take time off. But y'know, get muh vaccine and then get muh virus a week or two after muh vaccine thanks to the extra toll it took on your body but don't put 2 and 2 together, or if you do, do it 1984 style and come up with 5. No one understands when and why it is appropriate to take a vaccine, and this whole fauxdemic just further engrains the stupidification that is trusting vaccines to stop 'ItS A PAnDEMiC'. (Read: Vaccine Illusion)

To finish, again, I am strongly self-assured that such a great thing would never happen, and I can hear the cries of this being far right terrorism. What I hope is that it can inspire you to actually think out of the box for solutions, there are enough of us now, thanks to the fauxdemic, speaking out to influence the public sphere, and at some point it will weaken so good people need to be ready to step up, and what I don't want to see is the solutions of the past, the routine solutions ever-present in history, to be suggested. They are the same every time, and are the band-aid solution choices of assured demise.


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