Journey Through a Scam

An Unsafe and ineffective journal of hell and back

Thrown out of the previous 'normal' working environment during the tyranny of the slight runny nose and headache, I am left hanging in the gig economy unable to see where I fit back in to the previous 'normal' work environment.

The last two years have been a horrendous nightmare of being uprooted thanks to a loss of income due to fucking ridiculous government lockdowns decimating the hospitality and retail industry I was a part of all that time ago. My hospitality venue I was working at shut down and never recovered, my retail job required me to do things that were beyond my values and principles, such as wearing a mask, standing behind a plastic screen and asking customers for their private details at the front door to gain entry. I left before any even more ridiculous fakeseen mandate was instituted.

Luckily the gig economy was there to save me during a time of great upheaval, the scam was creating divisions in family, causing the loss of friends, resulting in some very intimidating isolation and atomisation, as well as an unstable living situation in which I moved over 7 times within 12 months.

Starting out with food delivery was a kick in the guts, I was now no longer on a management level in a work environment with over 100 staff in both my work locations and a great social network within those. I was now aligned with Mr Smelly bluetooth blabbering slow driving visa worker. The lowest form of worker. This however allowed me to chop and change where I lived, as well as avoid the again ridiculous government mandated 5km radius rules.

It has taken me a year to accept that this is now how I work. The advantages it provides include no boss, starting anytime and finishing anytime, being able to piss or shit on my own accord without being called back to service in case I take too long, being able to listen to podcasts and learn about who controls the world and the scams within it, having time to learn outside of a shitty democratic framework of tertiary education, not having to listen to the complaints of Karens or work with useless and annoying retards.

However the disadvantages include isolation, atomisation, increased car costs, random difficult addresses with customers wasting your time, ridiculous wait times at fast food joints who don't give a fuck about you meanwhile having to put up with the background noise of the kinds of obese dumb retards who frequent these joints or even worse having to put up with the loud absolute shite low vocabulary/derogatory range music of the Gen Z employees.

Now having found a stable and low-cost living situation just outside a major city in a small town, I am finally able to accept this working situation. I now have over 9 gig apps and pretty much use them in a preference order, or sometimes combine them by using multiple apps at the same time if the day is slow.

The title of this article moreso describes my at times delirious attempt to apply for jobs back in my previous industries. The pay hasn't improved, yet conditions are mostly worse due to staff shortages. I am in a constant dilemma of having zero socialisation vs realising that the people left working in these places are pretty much the docile NPCs I've come to despise over the last two years. Going in and out of these restaurants and supermarkets I am yet to enter one where I would feel okay working at. Whether it be the majority of employees being rap music listening Gen Z autists who can't even say hello, restaurants or cafe's that seem to solely be staffed by 20-something chicks with bad attitudes, then there's the supermarkets where half the staff are still wearing masks and seem to have aged 10 years in the last 2, and so on.

I have come to understand that I am most certainly maladaptive to the new burgeoning culture(less) environment of goyslop experience-led street food joints staffed by zero personality unkempt Chad's and plastic and turd-creamed (fake tan) Stacey's, new 'live music' venues centred around bands worse than your veterans club karaoke night, goyslop $3 taco joints with $29 margies, burger food truck this, street eats that, how they fuck can you even call this culture. What is there to do besides attend a mall or one of these goyslop venues? And don't get me started on the corporatisation of outdoor activities such as going on a nature walk to attend a popularised instagram photo landmark.

Having had the opportunity to hide outside for over a year now, I am not at all eager to return. I have applied for jobs, even got them on most occasions, but then I change my mind. The thought of having to return to earning less per hour than the gig economy provides whilst also having to turn up at a particular time, likely not getting a break when I want, dealing with boomer cuntstomers and the banal noise and antics of goyslop enthusiasts, add on to that the worry of #metoo as I get older with the likelihood of working with an ever-increasingly hostile, uncanny and aloof lot of younger women, plus the likelihood of incompetently painful bosses, I am unsure of how to return.

Others pressure me to look above these industries for a career, i.e. get a degree etc, but flicking through the available jobs, I just don't see a large number of listings for higher skilled jobs. I refuse to work for the government, I mean, just picture a government worker, let alone lower myself to work for a criminal organisation of which I have an infinite abundance of hate for and wish would collapse and fuck off out of our lives. I am not working in aged care, which is a huge number of jobs available. I can't bare to spend my life sat behind a computer all day, so tech is out of the question, I couldn't be a labourer, surrounded by low iq chad-lites and monkeys who talk about sports and their 'missus' all day.

What I am finding again and again is that I am quite alone in a mentally disabled hell. Retardoration/Corporation. I am very disaffected by employment options, about as disaffected as I am by relationshit options. I don't have the motivation to put myself in any of the work situations formerly described as I don't have a 'missus' or family to support, nor do I have any want or hope of attaining a mortgage of over $1 million.

It is a terrible predicament that has been an extremely rocky road, worsening as time progresses. The only fleeting friends I have found in the last decade have been late Gen X or boomers, with a few more sociable Gen Z's here and there, albeit highly unreliable and flakey. The scamdemic tried and tested family relations however thankfully they have remained stronger than ever despite many dire moments and arguments.

I understand the privileged position of relative peace and stability in the broader sense comparative to all of human history, a cliche' of which many people love to ram down my throat, however I am left empty and without meaning. Meaning is generally derived from suffering and so perhaps this is the predicament of suffering of our time for those maladaptive to a society seemingly devoid of a moral compass and social fabric. Sometimes I ponder that perhaps it is only a small number of us who consider that the western world is even in a "bad place". Perhaps these normies go on thinking this is all good and normal and great. Perhaps I am just the loser of the social game.

Societies of the past seem to have had space for those that "think", bar the Soviet Union or Mao's China or (insert communist regime). Governments did not seem to have such total control. I believe that technology, particularly communication technology, has brought about this ability for government to hold such stable control despite increasingly being against the interests of the people in what they do, and technology has also been used by those who seek to usurp us by concentrating each sex on the most devious acts pertaining to each's psyche. This has driven the sexes apart and the most successful are now those most likely to resemble the masses portrayed in the movie 'Idiocracy'. The one's without an internal moral compass, which some may esoterically describe as new souls vs us old souls, with a connection to the traditions of the past. The old souls understanding the past, observing the new souls go down the path of history repeating itself.

What I hope in writing this is that it may assist you in accepting your current position in this demise, where we are bombarded with 100s of different paths to take thanks to the decadent period in which we live, but somehow feel that each of those is as empty as the next. I feel it is okay to lack the motivation to work your ass off so to speak, as the reward for such is ever more so a decreasing prospect, and that's okay. It gives us time to breathe, learn, talk, read, experience nature, develop a hobby, all without feeling any guilt for not contributing or taking part in the wider landscape. It is time to accept and be at peace with what we consider to be a period of decline, 1984's two minutes of hate has now been transferred into two years of hate, we are tired yet energised with knowledge and information. It's time to be motivated to pursue our solitude and peace while we still have the chance.


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