A Millennial Retirement

A piece in the middle streets

· Dystopia

September 11, 2061, 60 years since the big bang that set off the new millennium, sat on my hemp lab grown milk crate that I rent from the government furniture company, I reminisce with my fellow campers of Row D in the recently converted FEMA camp now relabelled "Utopia West Retirement Village." By conversion I mean they took down the sign and replaced it with the new name and that was the extent of the changes. Crowded around one of the new arrivals who still has a working smartphone, we learn of the latest sanctions on the former West from the now centre of the world, Astana World Jurisdiction Roundtable.

It was twenty years ago almost that the last acre of farmland was donated as reparations to the New Israel community for the evils committed during World War II. We know this as every year, in order to get our food credits reset we must complete a mandatory holocaust reminder course at our local Central Digital Communications (CDC) branch. 7G communication technology means that our appointment is transferred telepathically into our connected consciousness. Big telescreens at either end of our Row play a constant feed of propaganda about how much the farmland is producing thanks to the global government's Machine Labor Replacement Program and how this has contributed to the equal distribution of food rations.

Did I mention that the camp is for white men only? Due to equality and inclusion legislation women are giving free housing, free money and free food in exchange for sponsoring a man in poverty in a useless class camp. By sponsor I mean women get to vote which men get to go out and fix the infrastructure when it inevitably breaks thanks to the complete eradication of men from the outside world. I am yet to be chosen for such a mission. I hear tales of the outside world, once classy neighbourhoods overgrown with trash, weeds, grass a mile high, teenagers on the street selling government rationed fentanyl to the younger boys, rotting away until they reach labor camp age of 15. There is a small set of neighbourhood cleaners, the worst of the criminals, bailed out of labor camps by anti-discrimination foundations who think they will benefit from being useful white knights assisting the women to clean up their neighbourhoods. I'm assured by the telescreens that the program is working.

Labor camp wardens are hardened trans lesbians cast out of society during the trans pandemic of the 2020s, and pathetic third gen brown import descendants, the only humour we get is when the lesbians play pranks on the Indian guards, such as replacing their turban with reused tampons. The Indians go off but we just laugh and tell them it's a part of the circular economy, thats why your Grandfather brought you to this great land all those years ago. Trans people in this jurisdiction were mostly genocided during the cultural civil war of the 2040s just after the election of the first Muslim President, given the option of euthanisation or sent to green energy labor camps where they either got to scavenge for dead birds or be sent out into the middle of solar farms to replace broken panels without food or water. It was great watching on Shitflix back then, we even got to bet on which genetic abomination would cark it first. The Muslims integrated it into the social credit system, if you got one right you got a free alcoholic drink. Men only of course. Mohammed Trump was fucking great.

That Great Again regime came to a swift end when they attempted to abolish the Digital Central Bank by hiring Russian hackers. Little did they know that the Israeli tech start-up hacker group they hired were descendants of Bolshevik soviets. Once the Great Again regime gave the 'Shut it down' command, the Israeli group became angered as they thought this was a dig at being Jewish, so instead they shut down the Great Again government via the internet kill switch implemented after 9/11. Details are blurry and sparse as to what happened after the kill switch was enacted, same say Mohammed Trump was thrown off a ship at sea, gunned down in a Pakistani cave, drowned in the Titanic 2 sinking, or committed suicide in a cell in Guantanamo. Either way here we are today, useless, lined up like dogs, given food rations despite the telescreens showing the amazing lab grown food production. Most of us think it's bullshit.

Maybe we'd have the energy if we weren't given cricket meal and cockroach milk for our 3 meals a day. Maybe we'd form groups to stage a coup if we even knew who we were fighting. Maybe we'd not be in this position had we not wanted to do nothing while we still had the chance 4 decades ago. But we didn't. Distracted by the circulation of mass amounts of conflicting information, atomised by a digital age of distraction warfare through pornography, gaming, film, music, alt media, memes, phones and over-immigration displacing us from our neighbourhoods, communities and families. If only we all realised that this was just so they could maintain low wages and poor conditions and perpetuate a slave class distracted by decadence. But that isn't the mass human condition, is it. At no point in history did the masses awaken, even when the information was right there in front of them. Even when they elected leaders based on the hopium of such freedom spruiking of days gone. No one knew what to do once they realised these people were a facade for what we have today.

Endless rows of useless men allocated a metal bed and a toilet at either end, sitting idly by until they were picked for an infrastructure mission, if ever, fed by the State of which we know nothing about besides what was televised. I lay here each night dreaming vividly of a revolution. But I don't even know who I am fighting. Tomorrow is just another day of misery. Yesterday was always the right time to revolt.


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